15 Expert tips for VersaWorks 6

If you haven’t visited the Roland website lately, now would be a good time to do it.

You will find an article and 15 videos with tips for using VersaWorks 6. You will not be disappointed. The videos are crammed with useful information and I’ll bet that no matter how experienced you are or how much you think you know, you’ll learn something.

Here are the 15 topics covered:

  1. System requirements and optimization tips
  2. General tab
  3. Cutting tab
  4. Understanding and using quality settings
  5. Cut all paths
  6. Clipping and duplicating art
  7. basics of working on print/cut files
  8. Using the tiling function
  9. Spot colour library
  10. Basic setup for UV spot colours
  11. White ink basics
  12. Colour preset basics
  13. Raster and vector basics
  14. Special color plate generation
  15. Creating a cut path an Adobe Illustrator for VersaWorks 6

Okay, good stuff, right? So check it out.