A Webinar tomorrow (Tuesday 28th April): Changing Tides: The Virus, The Economy, and “The Dance”

Matt Symes of Symplicity Designs is offering this important no-charge webinar as a service to small businesses. Matt has kindly agreed to include Stanley’s customers.

You can register here for this webinar that shouldn’t missed . . .

Changing Tides: The Virus, The Economy, and “The Dance”

Since the 18th of March, our goal has been simple: save as many small businesses as possible.

73 live webinars.

1800 leaders tuned in.

We threw away the entry level paywall and tried to help leaders make quicker and better decisions.

Small business is too big to fail and entirely too complex to save with a single answer.

Canada lost 1M jobs in March. 490,000 of those job losses from businesses with less than 20 employees. Service has been hit hardest and first. It will be the last to come online.

Women have been hit hardest with a higher representation in the service sector and they are carrying more of the burden at home.

There is some good news – Canada is flattening the curve.

But a flattened curve is just the start. A world with more than 30 forms of a mutating virus with no known treatment plans and more than 16 months from a vaccine.

We are unevenly entering “The Dance.”  We know that masks, heavy travel restrictions, and a ban on large gatherings will remain in place for quite some time. Flare-ups, like we’re seeing in Hong Kong, Singapore, and China will become part of our regular life.

Safety will be at the forefront of our thoughts.

Businesses must transition to the Low Touch Economy. Changing buying habits will mean businesses will need to rethink their offerings, their capabilities and their ability to change.

Our mission remains the same: save as many businesses as possible. Now, that means supporting this journey to a low touch economy.

Join us Tuesday for our brand new webinar Changing Tides at 1 PM ADT.