A design oops!

Small details matter

Here’s more feedback from a member of the target audience for the signs you produce—me!

Like any other consumer, if I take the trouble to read your customer’s advertising sign—which is after all why you produce it in the first place—then I expect to be able to get the message right away. If I don’t, your customer would have wasted his or her money paying you to print the sign, and that’s no way for you to build a repeat customer base.

Even if the design complies with all the conventional wisdom for making the message clear and easy to absorb quickly, the smallest oversight can still mess it up. Consider this example of a vehicle wrap that didn’t turn out as intended . . .

I was driving behind a Mini wrapped to promote a local coffee shop. Overall it was a very attractive and well-designed wrap inasmuch as you knew the name of the coffee shop right away. But there was a flaw which detracted from the effectiveness of the message the design was trying to convey.

Across the back window was bold lettering which said: “We might not be number one.” Underneath was smaller lettering which began: “But we sure . . .” and I couldn’t read the rest because it was partially covered by the window wiper. So the message would have been wasted on most people with more important things to do than be annoyed by a poorly-positioned window wiper (or message).  However, I was curious, and for the next kilometer or so I drove behind the Mini until I figured out that the full line was: “But we sure have a lot of fun!”

The lesson here is that details matter. An otherwise great piece of sign design (in this case a vehicle wrap) can be spoiled by a small but important detail, such as the positioning of a window wiper.