A message from Roland that you may have missed

The thumbnail version:

  • It’s a changing market and new opportunities abound
  • You have to look around outside your shop to see what’s going on

The full version:

Look outside your shop to see what’s going on.

In the 2nd September post I mentioned a changing trend in the industry that Roland had mentioned in an article on their website. Below is an excerpt from the same article that you may have missed. It’s good advice that should be heeded, so here it is . . .

. . . every shop and situation is different, and sign and graphics providers should be aware of what’s happening on a more local level—identifying the immediate customer needs in the locale that are not being met. The sign industry has a history of adapting to fit changing times and an essential new need for facemask products, outdoor signage, social distancing signs, and other previously niche products is an indication that graphics providers should be paying close  attention to what’s happening outside their shops. Now more then ever, bringing new ideas to your shop is important, as well as looking at what competitors are doing and talking to customers and colleagues to find new leads, ideas and revenue possibilities.

We’re in volatile times. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The sign industry in particular has new opportunities created by the virus. The question though is whether your shop is up for the challenge.