A negative mindset is bad for business

The thumbnail version:

  • It’s easy to adopt a negative mindset when things aren’t going well
  • Shifting to positivity helps weather the troubled times

The full version:

It’s not difficult to lapse into a negative mindset when things are not going well. For instance, the current pandemic has been a real drag for some. The problem with negativity is that your mood affects everyone else around you, particularly if you’re the boss. And a ‘down’ worker is not a productive worker.

A better alternative for all concerned is to maintain an upbeat outlook; to put a spring in your step. But let’s not kid ourselves, doing this is as difficult as it is necessary. So here are some tips I read somewhere but unfortunately I don’t remember where in order to give the originator proper credit:

  • Say “yes” to a challenge. Make it work. Find a solution. Figure it out.
  • Know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Know your purpose.
  • Be on top of your work/life balance. You need a break. Downtime changes perspectives and refreshes.
  • Remove negative influences (people and objects).
  • Work for victories in even small things. Victories invigorate.
  • Look for the company of positive people.
  • Fire the negative customers who exhaust and depress you. Actively seek positively-minded customers.
  • If you suspect that you are clinically depressed, seek professional help.

Chin up!