A show date to note (with caution)

The thumbnail version:

  • Registration is open for the Printing United expo in October
  • COVID may still be a party pooper though

The full version:

The Printing United Expo is scheduled for 6 to 8 October in Orlando, Florida in just over six weeks time. Exhibitors are encouraging attendees to visit them at the show to network, attend educational sessions, and socialize.

While I’ve always maintained that show attendance is essential if you’re going to stay in touch with developments in the industry, now may not be the ideal time to do so. Is everyone just dismissing the COVID threat? And of all places to have the expo—Florida where the COVID numbers are currently the worst in the US. And what about the risk of sitting in a plane for a few hours sharing viruses, one of which could be COVID 19?

Well, in any case, here’s the link at which you can register, but . . .