Advice from Roland — worth checking their blog

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  • Roland often offers useful advice for more productive use of your equipment

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From time to time I remind you to check your suppliers’ websites, not only for the latest news on new technology, but also for tips and advice on getting better productivity out of your existing technology. Roland is one of the sites you should visit regularly.

A recent Roland post addresses step-and-repeat:  “With the popularity of printed patterns for applications like heat transfer vinyl, wall coverings, and wall graphics, it’s a great time to revisit an old favorite – “Step and Repeat.” The effect is taking a single pattern or design and repeating it in a pattern without having to design at full size. Think wallpaper, background logos on a banner creating a watermark effect, or even patterned vehicle wraps.”

The post then includes a detailed step-by-step guide to using the step-and-repeat feature.

This is just one example how an investment of a few minutes could save you hours, and hence, dollars.