Advising customers — signs and brand image

I’m sure you’ve also seen signs so poorly designed, printed or positioned that you’ve wondered which sign shop the advertiser used and how that shop can still be in business.

As you can see, the sign won’t get you maximum attention in this location . . .

The problem of course is that they got very poor advice or no advice at all. That is not how your shop does business, is it? You tell your customers that you’ll design and print their sign to the highest standards to help boost their brand. But, it will all be wasted if they don’t do certain things with the signs while keeping the image of their brand in mind.

For instance, they must locate the signs for maximum effect. Then they must keep track of their signs so that pranksters (or competitors) don’t relocate the signs to where they wouldn’t want them located. They must follow the local community and municipal rules so as to not to incur fines or damage their reputation. And they must maintain the signs in good condition because a damaged or defaced sign can reflect badly on their brand.

This is one way in which you differentiate your shop from the competition—added value in the shape of good advice.