Advising customers — yard signs

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Since you’re in the business of not only printing customers’ signs but also advising them how to get the most out of their signs, here are some tips you may want to pass on:

  • Make a sign stand out by selecting dark, contrasting colours able to be read from even a distance.
  • Directional arrows on lawn signs can be effective.
  • Keep the message short; avoid clutter of information. A website address enables an interested person to find out everything else they need to know such as a phone number, address etc.
  • Font selection is important. An easily-read font adds to the effectiveness of the sign.
  • The bigger the letters the better.
  • Printing on both sides of a lawn sign can be a waste of money because seldom can passers by see both sides of the sign.

These tips may seem obvious, but every single day we see ineffective signs because one or more of them have been overlooked.