Amid COVID doom and gloom, OOH sparkles

The thumbnail version:

  • OOH market slated to grow next year.
  • COVID hasn’t managed to slow it down much.

The full version:

Your OOH, for instance, can be on any vehicle, not necessarily your own.

If your shop is in the OOH (Out-Of-Home) market, Sign Media Canada has good news for you—your market is expect to grow quickly over the next couple of years. If your shop is not in the OOH market in any big way, perhaps it’s something to consider as we move into a new year still dogged by a COVID-damaged economy in which new revenue sources are being sought.

The driving force behind OOH is said to be it’s advantage of being seen over and over again, sometimes for months, thus building awareness more effectively than other media with shorter exposure. In the case of truck-side advertising it moves about, reaching a wider audience.

There are a lot of interesting observations in the Sign Media article (which you should read)  but one that says a lot for the effectiveness of OOH is that, ” Research shows 45 percent of consumers feel OOH ads located close to where they shop provide useful information which in turn inspires those all-important purchase decisions.”

An OOH focus for your shop in 2022?