Annual industry survey raises questions — Part I

Sign Media Canada has reported on its annual Salary Survey for the Canadian sign industry. To gain an in-depth understanding of the industry the results of this survey should be studied in detail, however, as a primer we’ll touch on some of the highlights and the interesting questions that they raise.

It would be a stretch to assume that the demographic of the respondents to the survey reflects the demographics of the entire industry. But that being said . . .

Gender disparity: The results seem to suggest a huge imbalance between the genders: 75% male and 23.5% female with 1.5% declining to state their gender. This seems to be out of step with the working population generally.

Age disparity: 80% of respondents were 40 years and older while only 20% were younger than 40 with just 5% younger than 30. What does this mean? The younger members don’t care to participate in an important industry survey or there’s a serious shortage of young and upcoming talent in the industry? Either way, it’s troubling.

Experience disparity: About 60% of respondents have been in the industry for 15 years or more. Only 40% for less than 15 years with 15% having less than 4 years experience. Again, perhaps the younger members don’t care about industry surveys or perhaps while there’s a lot of experience in the industry, it’s not being replaced.

How does your shop compare?