Annual industry survey raises questions — Part II

Continuing with our reading of the annual Sign Media Canada survey and keeping in mind that it would be a stretch to assume that the demographic of the respondents reflects the demographic of the entire industry, let’s look at some more results.

Working hours: 31.5% of respondents work between 40 and 50 hours a week. But another 31% work a ‘typical’ workweek of 35 to 40 hours. The conclusion is that members of the sign industry seem to have a reasonable work/life balance.

Benefits: 74% enjoy paid vacations. 55% have dental/group benefits. 50% have medical insurance. 41% have parking. 38% have long term disability insurance. Only 14 % enjoy profit sharing. For more details you should see the full results—they’re interesting.

Job satisfaction: 81% of respondents were at least as satisfied with their jobs as they were the year before. Of course this doesn’t tell us how satisfied they are but it seems to more positive than negative.

How does your shop compare?