Are you employing your employees’ full capabilities?

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  • Employees are generally more capable than we assume
  • How to employ those additional capabilities?

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Hewitt Associates once published a statement of philosophy that included this piece of wisdom: “We believe that most people have capabilities beyond those they are called on to demonstrate in their jobs.” My experience would lead me to agree with this.

How often have you challenged an employee with a task they had not performed before? You may be surprised at what they know and what they can do for your shop. Think about it as buying a product, being satisfied with what it does for you, but then one day finding out that it can do a lot more. Bonus!

It could be the same with employees. And an added bonus is that the employee will likely relish the chance to demonstrate what they are capable of, and as a result feel more relevant. The employee, the business, morale, and you, will all benefit from encouraging the employee to demonstrate their capabilities beyond the immediate demands of the job.