As this COVID-19 situation drags on, are you staying in contact with your customers?

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  • As COVID-19 and the counter-measures surge back and forth, it’s confusing
  • Staying in touch with your customers through this situation is vital

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This topic is so important that it’s worth revisiting.

As this virus situation surges back and forth and governments update or change the counter-measures, it can be confusing.  Some, but not enough businesses are clarifying the uncertainty and confusion as it affects their business with their customers.

Are you open for business? Are you shut completely? If so, for how long? Are you operating but on a limited scale? Customers have questions in this rapidly-changing situation and you should do what you can to keep them informed.

Tell them what you’re doing or not doing, and update your information daily. This is where your social media platforms, email, blog, and even the telephone, can be useful tools at this time. Use them.

When all this is over, don’t you want your customers to remember that during a time of confusion and uncertainty, you cared enough to keep them informed?

It’s just smart business.