Branding opportunities for your customers are business opportunities for you

The thumbnail version:

  • Business opportunities mostly have to be created proactively
  • Promoting an opportunity to your customer can create an opportunity for you.

The full version:

Get the customer excited about window, wall, and floor wrap designs

A recent ad by a major film manufacturer pointed out something you’ve probably seen before on this blog. Showing your customers opportunities they can take advantage of using your products, creates opportunities for you; this is good business sense.

The ad was pointing out that windows, walls, and floors are branding opportunities for your customers that can make them stand out in a memorable way. A lot of organizations pretty much look the same when you walk through their doors; well-chosen wraps can take them from “boring to bold,” as the ad suggests.  It’s hard to argue with that.

But this is not a business opportunity that’s going to fall into your lap. You’ll have to go out and make it happen by showing your customers how they can stand out from the competition with some well-placed wraps on their windows, walls and floors.