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  • Bank of Montreal has just issued a comprehensive pamphlet on online scams.

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It is well worth reading the entire pamphlet because, sadly, businesses and individuals are increasingly being targeted by online scammers. Some of the scams have become so slick that they can easily be taken for legitimate business.

One business scam BOM lists is an online version of the old “unpaid invoice” scam of some years ago that relies on small businesses in particular with less-than-up-to-date accounting records. You may even recognize it per the BOM description:

“Beware of false billing for a directory placement, sales of ‘required’ health and safety products, and office supply scams. Fraudsters will hound you to pay the amount they claim you owe or trick you into believing they will report your business to a collection agency.”

Be aware and alert. Do not be rushed into paying anything if you have the slightest doubt about it. Keep you staff informed of these potential scams.