Two sign shop operators were recently asked about how they differentiate their shops from the competition and how geographic location affects their competitive ness. Here are some of the interesting points that were made and that you may want to ponder . . .

  • Buy new equipment, keep ahead of technology¬† and never become obsolete.
  • You don’t have to be within a large city..
  • Many shops have found that moving to smaller cities or even rural areas can lower costs such as rent.
  • A focus on products that can’t be bought online or from every other print shop gives a competitive advantage.
  • It’s tough competing with offshore locations such as China, but focusing on products that are not easy to buy online or remotely such a vehicle wraps and outdoor signage, can help overcome the problem.

Technology and the market place are constantly evolving so re-evaluating your situation from time to time will help keep you aware and competitive.