COVID-19 is here to stay?

The thumbnail version:

  • We have to adapt to a new normal
  • There is going to be no quick-fix to the pandemic and the current situation
  • This means that it’s time to re-think our business model

The full version:

For those of us who had been hoping for a return to something akin to “normal”, we’re now six months into this thing and the development of the pandemic remains dynamic and unpredictable. Maybe we have to adapt to a new “normal.”

This is what Samuel Earle, writing for the Guardian, suggested today:

Time to rethink the business model?

“We would do better to abandon the fantasies of a quick-fix entirely. This is not a race, not even a marathon: there’s no finish line to cross, no shorter route to take. As we brace ourselves for a second wave and a second lockdown, we need a more realistic appraisal of where we are and where we’re headed, a rough map to see us through the darkening winter days without taunting us with illusions that only end in disappointment. Our desire to put the pandemic behind us makes sense, but the virus and its unsettling associates — masks, social distancing rules, hand-sanitizer dispensers, quarantines, lockdowns — aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Our future plans must begin from this fact.”

Time to rethink the business model?