Covid-19 spawns a new business service—certifying that you’re safe.

I swear, I’ve got a great service for you!

A couple of  months ago I read an article that warned of a flood of post-virus selling activity. The writer warned too that some of the products and services would be questionable and unnecessary.

I was reminded of this article a few days ago when I received an email from a company playing on business owners’ concerns about safety of their employees and customers as we begin to reopen. The email came from a company with a name that implied that if they took care of the sanitizing of your premises you would be certified as “safe”.

Here’s an excerpt from the email: ” <name of company> takes a detailed second look at your safety plans and procedures.” Really? Surely every small business owner is capable of implementing safe distancing, face masks, and sanitizing without the “advice” of an outside service?

Beware of bogus services and products offering to solve issues that can easily be solved without their intervention.