Describe your business in a sentence

The thumbnail version:

  • Can you tell a total stranger what you do in one, enticing sentence?
  • If you can’t do it right now, you need to work on it.

The full version:

You have some thinking to do.

We’re talking of course of the old but still good concept of an elevator pitch. Preparing a single sentence description will force you to focus on what you really do, what your shop does that could capture the interest of a total stranger.

So, for instance, “We print signs” is lame and hardly likely to arouse any interest in anyone other than some person perhaps in desperate need of a sign at that moment. Much more captivating would be something like, “We design and print signs that help our customers stand head and shoulders above their competition.”  It’s still not the greatest elevator pitch but it’s much better than “We print signs.” You get the idea.

An important aspect of this is that in developing your elevator pitch you’ll be giving some thought to what your business is really all about. And that’s a good thing to revisit as you prepare to begin a new year.