Digital and graphics printers diversifying

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  • One-stop providers gaining popularity
  • Is this a trend to be taken seriously?

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You have some thinking to do.

The September edition of Signmedia magazine features Fully Promoted of Peterborough, Ontario.

According to Signmedia, Fully Promoted is described as a one-stop marketing company. They help businesses tell their story through branded promotional items such as embroidered apparel, screenprinted mugs, digital services including websites, and social media management.

Reading between the lines though, is there a message that this is a developing trend in the industry? Are customers, particularly corporate customers, going to gravitate to one-stop providers as opposed to dealing with a number of providers for their signs and promotional requirements? If this happens, it could sideline limited-range or single-product shops in the future.

Time to do some research and forward planning.