Diversification into textiles — a trend among sign shops?

Should I diversify into textiles?

If the industry literature such as signmedia.ca has its facts straight about a diversification trend, then sign shop owners need to sit up and take notice.

It seems that there is a trending tendency for sign shops to extend their reach into textile printing. According to Roland’s product manager for textiles, print-service providers (PSPs) are looking for fabric printers that can handle a wide variety of fabric items.

Singmedia, in quoting Lily Hunter of Roland, report that PSPs are recognizing that they need to get into fabric printing as a means of extending their product offering. Some have already extended their reach into fabric printing but have been using sub-contractors and now wish to bring the work in house.

With any information like this coming from industry sources, you need to investigate it, assess it, and decide if your shop should react in order to beat or at least keep up with the competition.