Diversified your sign shop into direct-to-garment printing with a Roland VersaSTUDIO BT-12?

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  • Should you pretreat your garments?

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Roland’s BT-12 direct-to-garment printer.

According to Roland, one of the most frequently-asked questions about direct-to-garment printing with their BT-12, is whether one has to pretreat the garments.

Printers ask because it is well known that generally when direct-to-garment printing on dark garments it is advisable to pretreat. This is because it helps white ink adhere to the garment before CMYK colours are applied as well as helping with colour vibrancy.

However, as Roland points out, the BT-12 is a CMYK printer primarily intended for printing on light substrates and therefore pretreating is really a moot point.

But, if in spite of this, you have reason to pretreat your garments just know that there are things you need to know before pretreating. You have research to do.