Don’t forget about better alternatives.

Thanks! That’s a much better solution.

Customers usually favour the kind of business that offers them more than just the product they request. This applies to sign shops as much as it applies to any other type of business. Customers don’t always know what they need and ask for something that might not be as effective as something the supplier can suggest.

Just by offering service beyond what is being requested, particularly if it is helpful to the customer or saves them money, a supplier can create customer loyalty and even generate referrals. Customers talk about positive buying experiences.

For instance, a customer requesting a sign might be much better off with a banner. But they may never realize this if you, the expert, don’t bring it to their attention. They might not realize the flexibility a banner offers. A banner can be printed on both sides, it can be used indoors or outdoors, it can be hung or be free standing, it can be vertical, horizontal or square. A banner can serve almost any purpose—advertisement, announcement, or business name.

It all depends on the intended application, but that’s where your value-added aspect comes in. Instead of just taking the order for a sign, suggesting a banner might be a much better solution for the customer—they just wouldn’t have known it on the way into your shop, but they’ll know it on the way out. And they’ll be impressed.

Today a banner might be a better alternative and tomorrow it might be something else. But it’s the fact that you’re demonstrating a concern to deliver the best result for your customer that will differentiate you from your competition.