Dye sublimation as an additional option

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  • Sign shops are diversifying their production
  • Dye sublimation is gaining in popularity

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Do I or do I not add dye sublimation?

When various contributors to industry magazines discuss diversifying a shop’s offering, dye sublimation comes up repeatedly. Some shops are apparently seeing dye sublimation as a vital component of their production in the future.

Dye sublimation’s attraction lies in the light fabrics that can be used and the vibrant colours the process produces. Apparently customers find this combination very appealing. Add stretch and backlit possibilities and it’s not hard to see why dye sublimation has a growing fan base.

The only limiting factor seems to be size of print but the industry is expected to solve that challenge in the near future.

If you like to keep your shop on the cutting edge, dye sublimation sounds like something you should be investigating.