E-commerce business? You must have great graphics.

The thumbnail version:

  • COVID has boosted online business
  • It’s competitive—you have to do it right
  • Sharp, attractive images are essential

The full version:

Online business got a boost from COVID. And now that it is in full flight, online is going to remain a significant part of the future of commerce. This is good news for small businesses, particularly those selling digital (non-physical) products and services such as artwork, e-books, design services, website development etc. (you get the picture). Now technology makes it possible for them to compete with larger businesses on a more level playing field.

Man, that stuff doesn’t look so good . . .

But all of that said, the small businesses still have make sure that they match their larger, better-resourced competitors in confidence-boosting appearance. One way to do this is to have sharp imagery in all online platforms, particularly websites. It’s not an option. Anything less than excellent graphics and imagery is going to cause potential customers to hesitate. It’s just the fickleness of human nature and there is no way around it.

This is not as onerous as it might sound but you will have to make some investments in equipment and photo editing software if you’re not going to hire a photographer.

So why the necessity to address this topic on a blog for a graphics industry? Because even this industry has its share of shops posting sub-standard images online. Don’t let your shop be one of those.