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  • Obviously quality control is important.
  • Sometimes it can slip.

The full version:

Every sign shop you ask will always tell you that they have a vigorous quality control process. Well how is it then that from time to time people send me images of signs with obvious errors?

How carefully does your shop edit sign or billboard text? Do you have a double-check process that allows for the checking of one person’s work by another? For example, here are some examples of the text on billboards:

  • Not eveything needs to be done in a New York Minute.
  • ABC Chilren’s Academy
  • Be a Biomedical Technincian
  • Alway’s there, when you need us.
  • A tasty contraditcion

Spot all the errors at first glance? Saw nothing wrong? If so, go back and read them carefully.

Could something like this slip through your shop?