Everyone in the shop is in sales

The thumbnail version:

  • Promoting sales is not the job of just the person with “sales” in his or her title.
  • Sales is a team game.

The full version:

Everyone in the shop is on the sales team

Since the objective of the shop is to make sales, and everyone is there to help further the objective, it follows that everyone is responsible for sales.

This doesn’t mean that Roger who operates the Roland now gets the title “salesman” but Roger needs to know that he doesn’t operate in a vacuum because everything he does has an impact on sales. The quality of his work will influence customers’ future buying decisions. Also, if he gets to talk to a customer about a job, how he conducts himself will matter to the customer and will have an influence on future sales.

The same goes for Bonnie in bookkeeping. If she doesn’t handle customers politely and helpfully, she will have a negative impact on future sales. In fact, if she’s a joy to interact with and makes a good impression on customers, she could have a positive impact on future sales.

Sales aren’t just the business of the the “sales guy.” And to drive this point home, some recognition or reward for everyone based on the sales numbers is a good idea. It says, “We’re all on the sales team and we are rewarded for results.”