Facebook. Worth your time?

The thumbnail version:

  • Facebook (and other social media platforms) can drain your time
  • More and more writers are addressing this phenomenon
  • It’s time to re-think whether your social media strategy adds any value

The full version:

There’s a growing body of opinion that suggests that Facebook is a serious drain on small business owners’ time. And that generally social media is an overrated marketing mechanism for small businesses (which includes most Canadian sign shops).

Not only is there the book by BJ Mendelson, Social Media is Bullshit, or the opinion of Alex Lieberman, CEO of Morning Brew: “The best marketers don’t just understand Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The best marketers understand anthropology, sociology, and psychology”, but recently screen printing writer and consultant, Marshall Atkinson weighed in on the topic as well.

Wasting business time on Facebook and other social media?

Atkinson, in an article titled “Stop Doing This For Better Results”, suggested that shop owners should stop posting on Facebook “all the time”. Here are a couple of excerpts from his article that say it all: “I swear, it looks like more than a few folks in this industry are professional Facebook posters. You are posting all day long! Holy smokes” and “Just imagine the productivity your business could receive if you channeled that same energy into changing something that actually drove more money into your bank account.”

Time to re-think your social media activity? I think so.