Floor graphics can’t be slippery!

The thumbnail version:

  • The demand for COVID-19 floor graphics will be here for some time yet
  • The substrates for floor graphics haver to be carefully selected

The full version:

The demand for floor graphics is probably going to persist for a while yet as COVID-19 shows no signs of abating. This isn’t news, we’ve been addressing the topic in posts for some time.

It must be specially designed non-slip material.

But recently an article (can’t remember where) addressed the topic of substrates suitable for floor graphics. The point being made was that if the floor graphic were printed on the wrong substrate it might solve one issue but cause another, in the form of a slip and fall with serious consequences.

The writer urged printers to be very careful in their selection of substrates for floor graphics. This might seem obvious to some old hands at producing floor graphics but right now there are a lot of shops meeting the demand for floor graphics that have never printed them before. They in particular need to be aware that the substrate has to be specifically designed for non-slip qualities.

Not only is it common sense to use the right substrate but failing to do so could lead to negligence suits should someone slip and be injured.