Floor graphics — some important considerations

The thumbnail version:

  • The floor graphics rush is on
  • There are important material issues to consider
  • Injury and a suit could result from unsuitable materials

The full version:

A law suit in the making!

Floor graphics are more in demand than ever, thanks to COVID-19. It’s all about safety of course but, and it’s an important “but”, they can’t just be about a safety message. They have to safe in and of themselves.

It would be a bit ironic if someone got injured slipping or tripping over a floor graphic with a safety message. So, the material and the adhesive are critically important. The first shouldn’t be prone to slipping and the second shouldn’t be prone to giving way so as to allow the decal to curl up and trip someone.

Therefore, in the scramble to participate in the growing floor decal market, be careful about your material selection. And make sure that any local bylaws and health and safety regulations are met.