Growing a sticker-printing shop—the wisdom of experience from a successful owner

The thumbnail version:

  • Successful experience is worth learning from.
  • One lesson is to focus on a limited range and do it better than anyone else.

The full version:

Listen. It can be very valuable.

Sometimes it pays to take note of the experience-based wisdom that industry colleagues have to offer, particularly colleagues who speak from a position of success. Recently Roland told the story of a printer who built a successful sticker business. With eleven staff members, Ace High Printing is not a huge shop, but it’s a busy shop.

Here is the voice of experience from the owner, Rick Herbert, as reported by Roland:

  • “We do it slower than other people, that’s the key. We have TrueVIS machines that we take the print speed down to 600, 900 to make really superb quality. Does it take us a bit longer? Sure! But can you see it in the details? Sure!”
  • “When you put in an in with us, you’re speaking directly to me, the owner of the company. It’s not some automated bot, it’s not an email box. I will call you, email you, and if you’re here in person you’re speaking with the owner.”
  • Look at what5the competition are doing. Look at their turnaround times, the quality of products they’re producing and pick a few items and do those few items really well. Don’t try to offer 50 different products. Too many people try to do that and get burned.”
  • “If you start doing jobs you hate and that bore you, and you get frustrated with them, you’re not going to want to do this anymore. And when you lose your passion for this, what’s the point?”

This is just a taste of why you should check in on the Roland blog occasionally.