Hey shop owner, how open is your door?

How open is your open door?

These are rough times. But in addition to the fact that you as the shop owner or manager must cope with the circumstances and stress of COVID-19, you can’t lose sight of the fact that your staff (and maybe even your customers) need your leadership and will be looking to you for ongoing reassurance.

And we cannot underestimate the impact of this virus on mental well-being. There are an increasing number of reports of mental illness becoming a concern as this pandemic drags on.

Now more than ever you need to manage with an open door. So, allow me to remind you of our post of April 8, 2019 in which the theme was: “You need an open door if you are to reap the benefit of the improvement ideas your staff have.”

COVID-19 has added a twist to that theme— you still need an open door but now it is so that you are approachable for dealing with the pandemic stresses and fears of your staff.