How do you compete for business?

Tell them abut your signs.

I recently received a promotional email that got me wondering why I hardly ever see any promotional material from smaller sign shops—not even signs. It seems ironic that one doesn’t see sign shops using signs to promote their shops.

The promotional email came from a large printing company that prints everything from business cards to billboards. This particular email was promoting their sign business with the headline: “Summer display solutions. We’ve got you covered this summer for all of your outdoor marketing needs.”

They included images of lawn signs, banners, canopy tents, teardrop flags, and sandwich boards. In short, all the stuff a smaller sign shop can produce on a Roland. But if the big shop is telling everyone what they can produce, and the smaller shop is not, guess whose business is going to grow and whose is going to remain small or perhaps even disappear.

How the small sign shop promotes its work depends very much on the market and other local circumstances. One thing is for sure though, if the small sign shop doesn’t promote itself, it’s going to remain a small shop, if it remains at all.