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  • You have to promote the fact that you exist.
  • Why not promote your shop the way you promote your customers—with signs?

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In rural Nova Scotia, as you approach villages and smaller towns in particular, it’s common to come across a large collection of business signs promoting all types of local businesses. This may of course happen in other parts of the country too, but I can only speak for the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Anyway, I was wondering recently why, among all the signs, I have never seen a sign promoting a sign shop. It seems ironic that one doesn’t see sign shops using signs to promote their signs.

Some sign shop somewhere in the area is producing the signs. Why not rustle up more business by promoting that fact? If I had to design such a sign it would say, “We created all the good signs you see here. Give us a call.”

The sign shop sign is just one promotional idea. Pamphlets with images of lawn signs, banners, canopy tents, teardrop flags, and sandwich boards would be a good idea too. Why not show everyone you can reach all the stuff a smaller sign shop can produce on a Roland?

How the small sign shop promotes its work depends very much on the market and other local circumstances. One thing is for sure though, if the small sign shop doesn’t promote itself, it’s going to remain a small shop, if it remains at all.