Industry associations—some interesting numbers

Being connected is essential to progress

The thumbnail version:

  • Sign Media survey shows up some interesting industry association numbers
  • It’s a good time to consider your shops memeberships

The full version:

This is not the first time you’ve seen something about industry associations here, and it won’t be the last. This is because the benefits are real. As an earlier post pointed out, no sign shop is an island but part of an industry with which it needs to interact in order to thrive.

The best way to interact is through industry associations.

Here is an excerpt from the recent results of the Sign Media Canada 2020 Salary Survey Report . . .

“Professional associations help to connect similar businesses in the sign industry which all abide by a set code of ethics. These not-for-profit groups promote the welfare of the industry, the status of members in the community, and the benefits of users of signs.”

It goes on to say, “Therefore, it is not surprising, 29.4 percent of respondents belong to the Sign Association of Canada (SAC), while 21.4 percent are members of the International Sign Association (ISA).”

Give your industry association memberships some thought as you plan for the coming year. Apparently high numbers of your competitors are, so can you afford to not?