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  • No sign shop is an island
  • Join an industry association

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The BOCSIes awards results are always a good reminder to encourage sign shops to join an industry association, in this case the Sign Association of Canada.

No shop should try to exist as an island.

If your shop is not  a member of an industry association you run the risk of being out of touch with developments in the industry. And aside from keeping in touch and being inspired by developments as and when they occur in today’s rapidly-changing environment, there are also of course all kinds of facilities to be enjoyed and contacts to be made.

Just one such facility is the Sign Media Job Board where employers looking to fill a vacancy or employees looking for a job can meet.

Just as John Donne made the point in his 1624 poem that no man is an island but part of a greater society with which he needs to interact in order to thrive, so it can be said that no sign shop is an island but part of an industry with which it needs to interact in order to thrive.

Join an association.