Ink deal! Buy 4 get 6.

Happy Roland users!

How about this for an OCTOBER SPECIAL?

For the month of October, Stanley’s is offering a buy-4-get-6 special on Marajet ink cartridges for your Roland. You already save about $68 per cartridge with Marajet so paying for 4 and getting 6 is a BIG deal.

And why should you consider Marajet? Well, Trevor Smith of Calgary did and was amazed at how the Marajet just dropped in to replace the Roland cartridges with no fuss and no loss of quality.

Call any of Stanley’s 4 branches now and take advantage of this special: Edmonton 780-424-4141; Calgary 403-243-7722; Cambridge 519 620 7342; Richmond: 604-873-2451; or┬ácall Alfred Gunness directly at 416 832 3162