Look beyond the obvious (and a web site tip)

Look for what your Roland can do beyond the obvious.

Success stories are always a pleasure to tell. I know that equipment and consumable manufacturers like to tell them when their products are involved because it obviously promotes their business. But I like to tell them because its a way of showing what can be achieved – it’s a way of inspiring. A way of looking beyond the obvious.

In this case the story involves a business that started out screen printing skateboard decks and then morphed into a successful decal printer when they acquired a Roland VersaCAMM printer/cutter. The shop is Inkgenda of Costa mesa, California. Their Roland opened up a new world. It got them into magnetic signs, vinyl banners, static clings, window displays, custom decals, and even heat transfers for Tees.

Success has been such that their Roland is running all the time. Sometimes it runs unsupervised like when running, say, ten six-foot banners using Roland’s take-up system. One of the owners claims he can walk away and let the machine print: “It’s like a Crock-Pot – push the button, come back in two hours.”

So that’s the inspirational part of the story. Perhaps it can spur you on to expanding your business with the versatility of a Roland printer/cutter. And keep in mind that Stanleys can help you with this, all you have to do is call 1 877 661 1553 or 1 888 424 7446.

Here’s the web site tip part of the story . . . I visited the Inkgenda website and found that a number of the pages listed on the menu bar brought up error messages. If I were a potential customer it would have turned me off. So the tip is this: check your web site a couple of times a day and make sure it’s working. If you wouldn’t allow your shop door to jam and prevent potential customers in, why would you allow your web site to do it?