Is your business secure in the increasingly digital world?

Rogers for Business has just raised an interesting issue regarding the internet. They point out that the upgrade to 5G brings good news and bad news. The good news is that 5G allows for much faster download and upload, more reliable coverage, and more stable connections. The bad news is that small businesses will be needing additional ways to protect their key information (financial and everything else) on internal servers and in the cloud.

Rogers says that now is the time for small and medium business in particular to upgrade the security of their internet-accessible data. They recommend that you think like a hacker and identify weak spots and vital data. The process should include consideration of the necessity of storing certain data—the less you expose, the better. And train your staff to spot and avoid suspicious activity like phishing—apparently only 16% of small business train their staff in internet security.

Internet security is a complex topic that cannot be ignored. You will probably need third party assistance such as an IT consultant to ensure that you’re covered. Hacking can be costly—I tell you this as a past victim of an attack that took $8,000 to fix.