ISA International Sign Expo 2022

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  • ISA International Sign Expo 2022 is going ahead
  • It promises “sparks of brilliance” to transform your business

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One of the industry shows resuming in 2022 is the ISA International Sign Expo. It will be at the Georgia Aquarium and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta. The location is being promoted for its additional attractions such as the Centennial Olympic Park where the 1996 Summer Games were held and the College Football hall of Fame.

As for the business side of things, there will be 95,000 square feet of of interactive exhibits and education sessions.  The education sessions are being promoted as “being designed to provide solutions and spark of brilliance for the next big idea that will transform your business.”

COVID concerns aside for the moment, but keeping in mind that the pandemic isn’t over and you need to exercise caution, you may want to consider attending. Shows of this nature are an important resource if you’re serious about staying up to date technically and gaining an edge on the competition.

You can register here.