Kiwo about to release XTS (Xerox To Screen) direct imager for graphic screen printers.


KIWO XTS direct imager.

Following their success with the KIWO XTS direct imager in the textile screen printing industry, Kiwo is about to release a model for the graphic screen printing industry. It will simply be a bigger version of the textile machine which currently handles frames up to 42″ x 42″ O.D. The graphic industry version will handle screens up to 60″ x 60″.

This is how it works . . . The art room computer sends the file to a computer attached to the XTS. A coated, unexposed screen is fitted in the XTS and a black wax is melted by the machine and sprayed onto the screen to create the image. The wax immediately cools to solidify on the screen. The screen can then be exposed by a LED bar right on the XTS or removed and exposed in the traditional way on an exposure unit. Then it is washed out. The wax over the image area melts and the unexposed emulsion washes out in the usual manner.

One of the attractive features, aside from eliminating film, minimising pin holes, reducing exposure times by 40%, and setting up faster, is that the XEROX inkjet head (that sprays the wax) is capable of 1200dpi. This makes it suitable for graphic screen printing applications.

Kiwo expects to have its first graphic version in the market by the end of October.

Doug or Wendy at Stanley’s can tell you more about the KIWO XTS.