Lessons about staff retention from a fast food chain

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  • A lesson from an outstanding performer in its industry
  • It’s all about the training and retention of staff

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A “well-trained, happy staff” lesson from a fast food business

Pal’s Sudden Service is an exceptional performer in the fast food business. With locations in Tennesee and Virginia it’s pretty much your standard burger joint but with a difference—it’s noted for its speedy service (about 18 seconds at the drive-up window and about 12 seconds at the handout window) and it’s exceptionally low error rate (about 1 in 3.600 orders).

This level of performance is said to be almost entirely due to the long-serving, well-trained staff. The CEO draws parallels between professional athletes and his staff—the smooth, fluid way in which they perform all comes down to training and and skill building. And because so much is invested in them, the staff are happier and stay longer.

In his interview with Bill Taylor who wrote an article about the absurdly low rate of staff turnover at Pal’s, the CEO said: “People ask me, ‘What if you spend all this time and money on training and someone leaves?’ I ask them, ‘What if we don’t spend the time and money, and they stay?'”

How’s the training and staff retention in your sign shop?