Magnetism and your sign shop

A recent article by Mike Gertz, writing for Sign Media Canada, discussed all the ways that magnetism can be used effectively in a sign shop.

Magnets . . . the key to greater efficiency in a sign shop.

Printable magnetic sheets immediately come to mind. They are of course a good substrate for promotional products, vehicle signs, calendars, menus, and a variety of of other applications—and they have been for many years.

But magnets are generally simple, reusable, maintain permanent power, have different strengths that can be matched with specific requirements, and are cost effective. This make them suitable for many applications that are not frequently mentioned and don’t readily come to mind.

For instance, here are some applications for magnetism in a sign shop:

  • Magnetic strip for holding non-metallic material in place.
  • Magnetic sign holders that are easily relocated and don’t require the drilling of holes in banners or walls.
  • Vehicle wrap magnets for holding wraps in place during application.
  • Tool holders such as a magnetic heat gun holder.

You can probably think of a number of additional applications in your shop, if you put your mind to it. It sounds like something worth doing.