Marketing strategies

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  • More precise, succinct advice from the BDC
  • A marketing strategy in seven steps

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Here are the seven elements of a marketing strategy per the BDC:

  1. Conduct a survey: Establish who your target customers are and what they want from your shop.
  2. Pamper your existing customers: It’s said to be five times easier to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new customer. Look after your existing customers.
  3. Commit to online marketing: The internet provides a 24-hour marketing channel. Make sure that you use it. Is your website up to date?
  4. Use all your real estate: Signs and banners on your shop front and your business vehicle help to promote your brand. But remember to focus on what you do, not on your name.
  5. Work at public relations: A media story costs less and is more credible than an advertisement. Build relationships with the media.
  6. Turn employees into ambassadors: Your employees fan out into the community after work. Encourage them to talk up your business.
  7. Give back: Find a way to give back to your customer community. It generates goodwill which generates business.

These are all good items to pursue and use to your shop’s advantage.