New equipment—see it work

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  • A new piece of equipment can cost a lot of time and money
  • Seeing it work before you commit, is a good idea.

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See the equipment work. Examine it closely

In a post earlier this year in March, “New equipment—look before you leap”,  we addressed some of the things you should consider before going shopping for an item of new equipment. Now, to take it a step further, we suggest that it’s a good idea to see the equipment in action and understand all its capabilities and limitations before you buy it.

You’re in a very competitive market so one thing your new equipment should do is give you a competitive edge. If you’re going to lay out a lot of money, does it make sense to do so just to play catch-up? Since you’re investing so much time and money into the acquisition, now would be the time to invest just that little bit more to get the maximum benefit from your purchase. That extra something that will help differentiate your shop from the competition.

One place to see equipment in action is the bigger trade shows such as, for instance, Long Beach. As we begin to emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic, you’d do well to keep an eye on the trade show calendar.

Brochures and videos are all very well but nothing beats being able to see, touch, hear, and even smell a piece of equipment being put through its paces.