Roland has just published an article on why you may want to consider acquiring a resin ink printer. They point out that there are a number of benefits to resin ink prints such as bold colour, rich colour options, an ability to handle a wide range of media, an environmentally-friendly low-VOC output, and fast-drying prints.

The first thing to understand is that there are two names for essentially the same product, resin ink and latex ink. Both are water-based, multi-purpose inks. And there isn’t actually any resin or latex in the ink. Although the resin and latex ink technologies are similar, specific ink formulations can differ from one manufacturer to another, which means that you need to research your options carefully.

The technology is incredibly interesting. As Roland explains: “Resin ink works by preheating the material, after which the printer deposits a droplet of optimizer on the substrate. The ink then lands inside the dot of optimizer, yielding just the right amount of dot gain.”

Roland lists 5 main reasons for considering resin ink printing:

  1. Wide colour gamut
  2. Versatile print technology
  3. High-volume production
  4. Expanded media options
  5. Durable, sustainable prints

You have research to do. Your first step should be calling Rob or Graham at Stanley’s