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  • You can probably benefit from better marketing of your shop.
  • You can also probably find a creative way to pay for it out of the additional business gained.

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Nowadays we have a torrent of advertising and promotional material coming at us all the time in every conceivable form from signs to emails. But, among all of this I seldom (if ever) see any promotional material for sign shops. I’ve addressed this before by asking why one never sees a sign advertising a sign shop.

A paper I read recently by a marketing organization called Purple Square, advocated outsourcing¬† marketing that couldn’t be done in house. It was really pitched at larger organizations but it got me thinking. Perhaps smaller sign shops don’t advertise because the owner is too busy to do even basic marketing (this wouldn’t be unusual for a small business); this might explain why something that could make the business grow, is neglected.

If this is why your shop doesn’t have an effective marketing campaign, then isn’t it time to seriously consider outsourcing it? Yes I know, you’re probably going to say that not only do you not have the time to do the marketing in house, you also don’t have the budget to outsource it. But what if you could tie the payment for the marketing to the benefit gained from it? That would make good business sense.

There are always creative ways to deal with this type of issue. All you have to do is find a service that will strike a suitable deal that ties cost to success.