Customer service requires a number of skills

How often have you had to deal with a “customer service” rep who didn’t have a clue what the job really involved?

Haven’t you found that some of them are so poorly trained or unsuited to the job (which is really a management problem in either case) that you, the customer, far from receiving “service” is left irritated and angry.

It takes a number of qualities to deal with an angry customer.

When this happens, you should be making  a pact with yourself to ensure that no customer of your shop is ever left feeling this way.

So what does it take from you or a customer service employee (which could be everyone in your shop who interacts with customers at any level) to deliver the type of customer service that keeps customers coming back? And remember that word of mouth is an effective and inexpensive business builder so you want customers to tell other people about your great customer service. But, word of mouth can also be a devastating business destroyer.

So, here’s a list of qualities needed for providing great customer service (this is just a list, you need to explore them in more depth):

  • Top notch communication skills
  • Good listening skills
  • A thick skin
  • A willingness to take ownership of customer problems
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Politeness (good manners)
  • Product knowledge
  • Adaptability and creativity

What will people say in a survey about your shop’s customer service?

Stanley’s holiday closing dates

The holiday period – time to put your feet up and relax.

The crew at Stanley’s want you to know that they have enjoyed serving you this past year and that they appreciate your business.

And as we get ready to head into the new year, they also want you to know that they welcome inquires about new products or technologies in the industry at any time. If they don’t know the answer right away they have a great selection of brand-name manufactures from whom they can get answers quickly.

In the meantime, if you’re going to need supplies in the December-January holiday period, please keep in mind that all four branches will be closed from noon on Tuesday the 24th of December until Monday morning, the 6th of January. 

If you are going to require a courier delivery, please check with the Stanley’s office in your area well in advance of the holidays to make sure that a courier service will be available closer to the 24th.

Floor decals

That’s too cool!

A recent article about trade show booths included the following counter-intuitive finding; “Research shows that people often don’t look up, but they will look down when they catch sight of your floor decal.” It went on to say: “Everyone will have a sign, but you can be the one of the few who also has stellar floor decals.”

So what does this mean to you, the graphic shop owner? Well, obviously, it suggest that there’s an opportunity to educate customers on their proposed booth signage and garner some additional work producing floor decals.

With a little research, perhaps some reading, and a bit of design creativity, you could have another winner to offer customers.


Product knowledge—you can’t sell properly without it.

Go ahead, ask me anything!

In literature about hiring sales people it’s often stressed that in-depth product knowledge is an absolute necessity; what it does, how to use it, what customers want from it, how to adapt it to unusual requirements, and so forth. But in many cases, given that the Canadian graphics industry largely consists of small businesses, that salesperson is usually you, the owner.

So, if you’re going to enter a conversation with a potential customer you’d better know all there is to know about every aspect of the technologies and materials that your shop uses. You must know what can and cannot be accomplished with your resources and, above all, you must have a firm grasp on the economic aspects of all that stuff.

It’s not just a case of can we or can we not do this, it’s very much a case of can we or can we not do it profitably. Without an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of your business you’re neither well equipped for salesmanship nor ownership.

Doming—an additional revenue stream?

Doming decals. Image credit: Roland DG South Africa

If you’re looking to diversify your shop a bit into additional revenue streams you may want to explore doming. Roland and other suppliers offer kits to dome everything from lapel pins to vinyl lettering.

In certain circumstances doming can add an additional dimension to an otherwise flat product and move it up a notch or two in intrigue and class. It could also provide an opportunity to provide a companion product to an existing order such as say, domed lapel pins to an order for signs.

A little creativity coupled with a technology like this might provide your shop with another revenue stream.

Are you targeting the right audience?

Why are you bothering me? I don’t need or use signs in my business!

If you sit and wait for business and are not out there looking for it, then this post won’t interest you. But if you’re looking to target new customers you will want to keep in mind this story told by Seth Godin in his book This is Marketing.

A well-known comedian’s agent gets him a booking at a gig in New York City. The comedian turns up and delivers his best material. The audience doesn’t react at all. No laughs. The comedian is distraught. He thinks that perhaps he is failing and should give up comedy. Then he finds out that his agent wasn’t paying attention. He wasn’t targeting his audience properly; it was an Italian tour group. They didn’t speak English and couldn’t understand the comedian. It was a waste of everyone’s time.

Are you targeting the right audience?

You’re leaping from employee to owner. Now what?

Leaping from employee to owner. You need all the help you can get.

You’re about to buy or launch your own shop, or perhaps you became an owner some time ago. In either case I’m going to give you a huge tip that is guaranteed to make your ownership adventure easier and more successful. It might not be something you particularly like doing but, like exercise or dieting, it may be difficult at first but once you get into it, you’ll be excited by the results.

We’re talking about reading technical and business books, articles, and blogs or listening to podcasts and audio books. The technical stuff because you must stay up to date, and the business stuff because you’re no longer just a technician, you’re now also a business person with a lot to learn.

But don’t just take my urging alone, see what Charles William Eliot, who was the president of Harvard University for over 40 years, said: “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Stanley’s has Apolan squeegees

Stanley’s is pleased to announce that they now have Apolan squeegee blades. If you’re a graphics screen printer you’re going to appreciate the solvent resistance of these blades.

The range of profiles and durometers is also extensive. There’s a squeegee for every requirement you may have, including special squeegees needs.

The Stanley’s staff at all four branches can tell you what you need to know about Apolan squeegee blades and help you find the ones best suited to your needs, both standard and special.

Call any of Stanley’s 4 branches and ask for about Apolan squeegees: Edmonton 780-424-4141; Calgary 403-243-7722; Cambridge 519-620-7342; Richmond 604-873-2451; or call Alfred Gunness directly at 416-832-3162.  

Sign Manufacturing Day.

Future employees at Sign Manufacturing Day.

October 4th was Sign Manufacturing Day.

We encouraged you to participate. If you did then you’ll know that it was a great success. Participating print shops report that they found new employees, accepted interns, and forged stronger relationships with local schools.

If you didn’t participate this year, plan to do so next year. You can take the first step by contacting the Sign Association of Canada at or 1-877-470-9787.

So who are Igotcha Media, C17 Media, and Singex Mfg.?

They are your competitors who won multiple awards in the Best of Canada’s Sign Industry Awards (BOCSLes), just announced.

The November edition of Signmedia Canada magazine has all the results and, as one glances over the winning entries (and who doesn’t?), these three names are repeated a number of times. It’s not just about the bragging rights and the staff morale booster either, it’s invaluable and credible exposure in a format bound to attract many more eyes than even an expensive full-colour magazine advertisement.

Let’s have your shop’s name there next year. Make it a goal now!



Wind slit pros and cons

Countering the wind.

It has long been a practice to slit banners as a counter-measure to the pressure of wind on the banner surface. These are usually semi-circular cuts in the substrate.

However, not everyone agrees that this is an effective practice. The chief criticisms are that they detract from the aesthetics of the banner, they weaken the banner material and they don’t do much to lessen the impact of wind pressure. Apparently, slits only reduce the wind pressure by 10 to 15%.

An alternative to slits is a heavier weight banner material and better installation methods. For instance, weave the rope through the grommets and tension and tie the rope to keep the banner taught. A banner that flaps tends to tear. Another method is to secure the banner with bungee cords. It’s said to work well by stretching and preventing the wind from tearing the material.

Vehicle wrap idea falls flat

How am I supposed to get hold of your amazing product if you don’t answer me?

Last month (September 18th) we posted information about an advertisement about a product that appeared to be a great idea—magnets rather than tape to hold wraps in place. It still sounds like a great idea but it’s not the idea that has fallen flat, it’s the really bad customer service behind the product that has fallen flat.

Twice we emailed the advertiser to inquire about the magnets and ask if they’d be willing to supply a sample for testing. We undertook to post the results of a test and give them more coverage. So far there has been no response at all.

Here’s the lesson for us all . . . If you don’t follow up immediately on inquiries it doesn’t matter how amazing your product may be because you’re only going to have limited success getting it out into the market. Additionally, any money you spent on advertising would have been wasted.

Have you considered surge protectors?

Do you have surge protectors for your sensitive production equipment?

Extreme weather conditions are a way of life in Canada. Summer thunder storms, winter blizzards, ice storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, we have them all.

And with these weather events we have power disruptions. And with power disruptions we have power surges. And with power surges we have potential for damage to our sensitive electronic and digital equipment. So it’s not unusual to have surge protectors for computer equipment but what about production equipment like plotters, printers, and engravers?

Plotters, printers, and engravers have sensitive electronic components that can be fried by excess voltage from power surges. Even brief spikes can be damaging.

Is the sensitive production equipment in your shop protected from power surges by surge protectors? If not, right now might be a good time to do something about it.

Patience and the customer

It’s amazing how easily front line staff can become impatient with customers. It’s not hard to see examples a few times a day in stores and other businesses.

Of course customers are going to be annoying from time to time. Who hasn’t had to deal with an angry, venting customer? What about the windbags who take forever to explain the problem? And then there are the ones who’ll damage something and try to blame everyone they can think of except themselves while expecting a full refund or a new replacement?

This calls for patience. Patience is one of the most important attributes front line staff need. Lose patience and you stand to make a bad situation worse and possibly even lose a customer you might not want to lose . Of course if you want to lose the customer that’s a different matter, but even then it can be accomplished without losing patience.

As this anonymous quotation says: “Patience is when you’re supposed to get mad, but you choose to understand.” And as the napkin says: “Patience is power.”

Reminder! Reminder! Reminder! Amazing ink special!

This is amazing! Great ink at a great price!

Remember how Trevor Smith of Calgary said he was amazed at how the Marajet after-market ink just dropped in to replace the Roland cartridges with no fuss and no loss of quality?

Well, you can be amazed too while enjoying a great saving because the cost-saving OCTOBER SPECIAL is still on . . .

For the rest of October, Stanley’s is offering a BUY-4-GET-6 special on Marajet ink cartridges for your Roland. You already save about $68 per cartridge with Marajet so paying for 4 and getting 6 is a BIG deal.

Call any of Stanley’s 4 branches now and take advantage of this special: Edmonton 780-424-4141; Calgary 403-243-7722; Cambridge 519 620 7342; Richmond: 604-873-2451; or call Alfred Gunness directly at 416 832 3162

Hockey rink ads

The 31 teams in the NHL each play 41 home games in a season. A standard NHL rink has almost 510 feet of boards on which there are between 45 and 60 individual rink ads. This means that at any one time during a game there are about 1,400 sq. ft. of ads. And some of the ads are replaced during the game which only adds to the total square footage.

This is a lot of large format printing. Who’s getting it? Is your shop? If not, why not? Have you looked into it? And once more, if not, why not?

Credit: Peter Bourgeois,

Print shop employee personality tests?

A balanced, communicative, efficient staff

Earlier this year Sign Media Canada featured an article on communication strategies that emphasized the importance of communication to a cohesive, efficient workplace, even in small shops.

One point the author raised as necessary to ensuring a communicative, efficient workplace is compatible personalities. This means requiring prospective employees to take a personality test. The purpose is to ensure that the personalities of the owners and employees are compatible and conducive to a communicative workplace.

If you’ve ever managed a staff you’ll appreciate the sense in this concept. If you’re not hiring staff by this method it’s probably time to give it some consideration. A well-balanced, compatible body of employees is key to a well-run business.

Stanley’s popular films

If you look back through this site you’ll find that we featured five popular films under the Stanley’s Print Media brand.

You’ll find that there’s an attractively-priced film for just about every one of your applications:

  • Stanley’s SoFlat Frontlit Non-Curling Scrimless Banner
  • Stanley’s Blow-440 Super Smooth Blockout Banner
  • Stanley’s B02-440 Premium Frontlit banner
  • Stanley’s BLO-610 Premium Blockout banner
  • Stanley’s SAV-140G Print Vinyl

You can find out more about these film and order them from any of these Stanley’s offices: Edmonton 780 424 4141; Calgary 403 243 7722; Richmond 604 873 2451; or by calling Alfred Gunness directly at 416 832 3162.

Printing on soft substrates with the Roland Texart RT-640M

The Roland Texart RT-640M.

Sign shops looking to diversify beyond the traditional sign market can do so with Roland’s Texart RT-640M. We’ve told you once before about this printer from Roland. It’s time to give it some more consideration.

It’s a dye sublimation printer for soft signage, apparel and textiles with some impressive features:

  • ErgoSoft Roland Edition 2 RIP software
  • Advanced 8-channel print heads
  • Adjustable front roller and media take-up

Stanley’s can tell you all you need to know about this machine and the process. Diversifying to offset a competitive market place might just be the shot in the arm that your shop needs.

Take this into account when calculating ROI on LED retrofits

Assess the site and costs properly before recommending retrofitting.

J. Bryan Vincent writing for offers good advice on calculating the return on investment (ROI) on replacing fluorescent with LED in illuminated signs. Changing illuminated signs to LED is easier and more cost effective than ever, but one needs to understand the nature of the site in order to properly advise the customer on costs and ROI.

You should read the article but, in the meantime, here’s what you should take into account when costing a LED retrofit and before recommending it to your customer:

  1. Evaluate the site to determine how difficult it is going to be to service the area.
  2. Research code restrictions.  Some jurisdictions have restrictions applicable to new signage that also apply to retrofits.
  3. Gather maintenance data to determine likely ongoing maintenance costs.

There’s much more in the article. It’s well worth the read.

Ink deal! Buy 4 get 6.

Happy Roland users!

How about this for an OCTOBER SPECIAL?

For the month of October, Stanley’s is offering a buy-4-get-6 special on Marajet ink cartridges for your Roland. You already save about $68 per cartridge with Marajet so paying for 4 and getting 6 is a BIG deal.

And why should you consider Marajet? Well, Trevor Smith of Calgary did and was amazed at how the Marajet just dropped in to replace the Roland cartridges with no fuss and no loss of quality.

Call any of Stanley’s 4 branches now and take advantage of this special: Edmonton 780-424-4141; Calgary 403-243-7722; Cambridge 519 620 7342; Richmond: 604-873-2451; or call Alfred Gunness directly at 416 832 3162


Your competitors are no longer buying equipment on blind faith, nor should you.

Blind faith. No way to buy equipment!

According to one industry equipment supplier, print and sign businesses, more than ever, want to see equipment in action and test its capabilities extensively before deciding to buy. This expert believes that there are 4 reason for this:

  1. Having made purchases before without proper research, printers have learnt from the experience and now want to know much more about the equipment’s capabilities before buying it.
  2. The market has become so competitive that printers want to make sure that the equipment they buy is going to give them a strategic advantage or at least enable them to keep up with their competitors.
  3. There is a growing awareness that a way to increase margins is to reduce the cost of finishing. They need to find out how new equipment can help them do this.
  4. The competitive nature of the industry is making printers look for equipment that can add new revenue streams.

This is just another reason to attend shows, visit equipment manufacturers’ facilities, and work with Stanley’s to be sure that any new equipment purchase is going to meet your needs. Buying blind (or even half blind) has never been a good idea. Your competitors are waking up to this realization, so should you.


Vehicle wrap idea

It’s a great idea!

I saw an advertisement recently that offered an alternative to tape when wrapping a vehicle—magnets.

If you’re still using tape to hold the wrap in place while positioning and installing, you may want to consider trying magnets instead.

The magnets being advertised are strong with a 25lb pull capacity but they have a handy grip so that in spite of their strength, they can be easily positioned and re-positioned.

Worried about scratching? Not a problem! The magnets are encased in polystyrene.

This is one of those ideas that may just work for your shop. You can check it out in more detail by clicking here.   

Reminder . . . Dallas . . . 23 to 25 October 2019

If you haven’t made arrangements to be in Dallas for PRINTINGUNITED, you still have time.

It’s where thousands of digital and graphics industry players will be gathering to discover printing solutions across all segments, see new product launches, see live demonstrations, be exposed to everything going on in the industry now, and attend a vast array of workshops.

See the September 2019 edition of Signmedia or the for all the details.

You don’t want to miss this one.

Show customers what your shop can do

You can do that?

An article by Eva Padula in the September edition of Signmedia includes a point well worth considering seriously.

She writes that once a shop has maximized its efficiency by ensuring that its hardware, software, and workflow are up-to-date, it’s time to show customers what they are capable of. The way to do this is to produce: custom displays with integrated printed graphics; floor, window, and wall applications; soft signage and fabric displays; and window graphics.

What she’s really writing about is a life-size portfolio. Sounds like great advice.


Alfred Gunness joins Stanley’s

Stanley’s recently announced that Alfred Gunness has joined the team. As many Canadian printers will know, he brings a lot of industry experience gained from a combined 38 years serving Nazdar Canada and Saati Canada customers.

Alfred will be based in Ontario but will be available to share his training and experience with Stanley’s customers across the country. He may be contacted though any of the four Stanley’s branches or directly at 416 832 3162.

It’s time

Is it time ?

We, the owners of small businesses such as sign shops, are faced with a dilemma . . . what are the principles that we should be basing our business model on, especially in this age of digital and online emphasis?

Well, Seth Godin in his book This Is Marketing, has some helpful advice under the title, It’s time.

It’s worth grabbing a glass or cup of something, kicking back, and thinking about what he has to say . . .

It’s time

Time to get off the social media merry-go-round that goes faster and faster but never gets anywhere.

Time to stop hustling and interrupting.

Time to stop spamming and pretending you’re welcome.

Time to stop making average stuff for average people while hoping you can charge more than a commodity price.

Time to stop begging people to become your clients, and time to stop feeling bad about charging for your work.

Time to stop looking for shortcuts, and time to start insisting on a long, viable path instead.

What is the similarity between your Roland and a digital camera?

Do you know how to use all its features? And what about your Roland?

Most people have no idea of the extent of the capabilities of their digital cameras. Sure they know how to shoot a picture of the kids and the dog and perhaps a trick or two beyond that, but what about all the amazing things it can do if one just took the trouble to find out what they are?

Well, is your Roland similar to your digital camera? Have you explored everything your Roland can do beyond the basics you use it for day in and day out? Have you read all you can find on your model’s capabilities? Have You considered that there may be tricks and processes to be learned from other Roland owners? Tricks and processes you may be able to use to generate additional income?

Isn’t it worth a little research?

Roland user? Checked out Roland’s website lately?

If you so haven’t checked out Roland’s website lately, you should.

Manufacturers’ websites often offer a lot of useful information and tips about their products. You can find more about the products you already use and get information on new products you may want to have.

If you see something on Roland’s site (or any other manufacturer’s site for that matter) that you want to know more about, give one of Stanley’s four Canadian branches a ring and they’ll be happy to help you.

  1. Click here:
  2. See stuff
  3. Call for more information, pricing etc.:

Edmonton 780 424 4141; Calgary 403 243 7722; Cambridge 519 620 7342; Richmond 604 873 2451.

Magnetic vehicle signs

Here’s some good advice from “Chris” at you can pass on to your customers . . .

Where are you going to put the graphics, small on the door or big on the box?

“Don’t use standard magnetic signs on the sides of vans or box trucks; there is a reason they make vehicle size graphics. A size 12 x 24 magnetic graphic looks ridiculously small on the side of a van because it takes up just a fraction of the available space! The negative space is all wrong. Vehicle graphics, designed large to fill the space on the side of the truck, will attract much more attention than the little magnetic graphics. If you do use a car for dual purposes, such as for business and family use, you might employ small magnetic graphics on the doors.”