Pitching ideas to customers

Plan your pitch!

We’ve pitched ideas on this blog before about using your Roland printer/cutters to diversify your product offering. When you get down to really examining them, the Roland series of machines are quite amazing in their versatility. The obvious question then becomes why not use that versatility to broaden your product offering? Surely this is something to consider as one solution to an increasingly competitive market place.

Something else your Roland offers you is access to the Roland web site where you can find a lot of useful information to promote business success. You should check it out from time to time. One such article by Ben Fellowes offers advice on how to pitch a customer a new idea. This applies to the type of new ideas we’ve encouraged as a means of diversifying your business using the many features of your Roland.

The point of course is that if you don’t pitch the customer appropriately, even a brilliant idea that could make you and the customer a lot of money might never happen. In the course of running my business I had potential suppliers pitch ideas and products but some of the presentations were so pathetic and the preparation so poor, that they left a bad impression. An “unprofessional” pitch raises questions about how “professional” the idea or product delivery is going to be.

Fellowes offers three main pieces of advice: (1) carefully plan your conversation; (2) be clear, precise and offer immediate value; and (3) put on a fearless performance and knock it out of the park. He also mentions some tips that I really like such as: be natural; draw on a board instead of using a slick Powerpoint presentation; crate a conversational atmosphere by allowing the customer to speak and ask questions; keep in mind the “elevator pitch’ concept; and create and show prototypes.